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Thanks for stopping by. We’re so pleased to introduce our new LogoMood Design Blog, your creative source for everything & anything relating to logos, graphic design, colour, fonts, imagery, branding, videos & design inspiration! We’re so excited about our new blog and we hope you’re too.

We’re very passionate about design, especially logo design and we wanted to create this design blog, as an outlet to share and connect with our viewers and readers to discuss various design related topics and to share our outlook and knowledge.

The LogoMood Design Blog Authors

Hello, our names are Lisa McDonald & Melanie McDonald who are the co-founders of LogoMood.com. We’re twin sisters, who share a great passion for design. From a really young age we both have always loved to express our creativity in some form or another. This passion for creative expression is what lead us to furthering our education in the field of Graphic Art & Design at Georgian College Design and Visual Arts in Canada.

We don’t want to bore you with too much details, but here is short overview. We started our design career right out of college in 2003 we launched our own graphic design studio called Distinctive Design Solutions, which we operate as a full service graphic design studio.

We both really love creating and developing unique logos so we decided to created our new ready made logo design website called LogoMood.com. LogoMood is our new site that offers truly unique logos and exclusive pre-made logos that are available for instant purchase and can be customized for free.

Our design styles have some similar characteristics, however we each have our own unique creative design style that offers our customers and clients a varied array of unique designs and styles.

Lisa McDonald loves to explore the human form to create unique interpretations of various figures and mythical people. She also is very skilled with the creation of a variety of animal logos. The animal designs that she crafts are uniquely created and often combined with other elements and subject matter to produce stunning end results. This combination with other elements creates truly distinctive and different animal themed logo designs. She also loves nature and often expresses this passion in many of her designs. The addition of the natural aspect, adds another layer and visual message to her designs and logo creations.

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Melanie McDonald likes to explore both organicwhimsical and abstract logos, as well as creating designs utilizing geometrical forms. The combination of different geometrical elements create simple and modern logo designs. She uses the various shapes in a simple way, while creating designs with bold impact and meaning. She also loves typography and colour and she uses both type and colour as another form of artistic expression in her designs.  Just like her sister she loves to explore unique and different combinations in her work and logo designs.

We both bring to the table our own uniqueness and skill sets. We enjoy collaborating with each other to create unique works of art for our clients and customers.

We’re both extremely passionate about design and truly love what we do each and everyday. We love connecting with your clients and customers and creating new unique designs for each of our different clients. We love to continue a working relationship to assist each of our clients with all their business and marketing design needs.
Aside from our design studio and logo website, in our spare time outside of our design career, we enjoy keeping
physically active, and enjoy hiking and being outdoors. We love listening to music, cooking, photography. In the winter we love to create snow sculptures and in the summer we love to grow a variety of fruits and vegetables in our garden.

Thanks again for visiting our new blog we hope you enjoy it!

Lisa & Melanie
Designers & LogoMood Co-founders


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