Premade Logos Vs. Custom Logo Design, Which is Better?

No matter how small or large a business is, there is one thing that’s always key for any business, company or organization – it’s their logo. So with the logo being such an important framework of any company, how should a company get their logo designed? Premade logo or Custom logo? The process of getting a company’s logo design created has evolved. Companies these days have many different logo options available. One of these includes premade logo designs. Premade logos are a collection of already designed logos that a company can purchase right away. A general name is usually presented with the logo, which can be customized with the company’s name. An excellent premade logo should be unique, original and distinctive and sold only one time buy the designer. Premade logos are becoming a popular alternative to custom logo designs and here’s why.

1. Quality Premade logos for a fraction of the cost of a custom logo

Save Money with Pre-made Logo DesignsThe cost to create a company’s logo plays a major role in their logo branding direction and decision-making process. A custom logo design can cost thousands of dollars and for many companies their budgets are just not large enough for the development of a custom logo. For many startups they can’t spend their entire startup budget on their logo. For that reason premade logos designs are an excellent and sometimes better alternative.

The cost of a premade logo can be 30-50% less expensive than custom logos. So now you’re thinking, ok, if it’s so much cheaper, am I getting a less quality product, compared to a custom logo? The answer is both yes and no. The quality of the premade logo will depend on the premade logo design company and the designer(s) that create them.

My business partner and I are professional designers with over for over 15 years of design experience. Early on in our graphic design careers our main focus for our clients was the development and design of custom logo designs. It’s actually within the last five years or so that we started a major shift over to the creation of premade logo designs. We were getting lots of inquiries for premade logos from current customers, as well as potential customers. So we started developing premade logos that customers could purchase for their business right away.

As processional designers, we know the importance of good quality designs and how important it is that each of our clients and customers has a truly unique and distinctive logo design that represents their unique business needs.

So to go back to the my previous point, you as a customer can look through a designer’s premade logo store and can access for yourself the level of quality that they’re offering and their corresponding prices. A good quality exclusive premade logo can cost between $350-$600 USD.

Premade logos are great because you can get a high quality exclusive logo, just like a custom logo but for a fraction of the cost.

2. Know exactly what you’re getting and what to except

Know What You GetThis is  always an interesting topic.

When we ask our custom logo design customers what type of logo and style they’re seeking, a common response is “I’ll know when I see it”. With premade logos this takes the client’s guesswork out of the design process. You’ll literally know exactly what you’re getting and what to except.

You can search though the premade logo store and see all of the various options available to choose from. With a custom logo design you don’t know exactly what you’ll get and this can be intimidating to some people. Premade logos allow the customer to see a wide array of different options instantly.

3. Get a great logo design without the long wait time

Design Without Long WaitTimeframes, deadlines and time constraints can be very stressful for a company, especially for new business startups. The custom logo design process is often a lengthy process. Beginning with the design brief, designer research, brainstorming/conceptualization, draft development, client feedback, revision rounds, additional refinements to the designs and then finally the final delivery and completion of the logo design.

This entire process of developing a custom logo design takes several months. When a company doesn’t have the time to want to wait months for a custom logo, premade logos are great alternative. A company can literally have their logo completed and ready to use within hours.

All of the initial time spent developing the premade logos have already been invested by the logo designer(s). This means that the customers reap the benefit of not having to wait months for their logo. Simply select a logo and buy it instantly without the wait and best of all customizations are often completed within 24 hours. How perfect is that? a quality logo that you can start using right away.

4. Variety of logo designs and styles to choose from

Variety of Designs to Choose FromPremade logo designs offer the potential customer a wide array of different options to choose from. Premade logos are like an all you can eat buffet that offers you a large selection that you can see right away. With premade logos you can review and choose from a variety of logo styles, subject matter, theme and the logo mood all right at your fingertips. The variety is all there for your choosing.

Custom logos on the other hand can be compared to the restaurant menu, you can read the menu items and descriptions but you wont know exactly what final product will look like or how it will taste until the chef prepares and cooks it for you.

Variety is always a plus and who doesn’t like that?

Ultimately choosing the avenue for your company’s logo design creation will vary from company to company. It all depends on the company’s own personal preferences as well as the other factors that I’ve outlined in this article.

Lisa & Melanie
Designers & LogoMood Co-founders

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