Elite Pets

Cute illustrative happy and friendly husky dog with a heart symboled collar. A leaf crest design frames the dog’s head to create an elite emblem design. (pet, care, veterinarian, symbol, …

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Winged Wolf

Sophisticated golden winged howling wolf logo design. The image of the wolf is designed in a stylish line drawn style with the mythological wolf standing proud and strong. This logo …

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Windy Fox

Soft flowing and airy lines create the impression of a running fox animal. The fox is designed with streaming lines, which create the feeling of the wind blowing as well …

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Ever Fox Industries

This unique fox logo is bold and distinctively designed in a geometric and abstract style. Horizontal lines are incorporated in the fox logo design to represent the fox’s whiskers, ear …

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Sharp Fox

Modern abstract interpretation of a fox face. (animal, coyote, dog, forest, fox, fur, mammal, orange, smart, wild, wilderness, wildlife, wolf, vet, royal classy, elegant) Created: 09/20/2011

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Red Fox

Stylized modern design of a fox’s face. Simple shapes form the shape/impression of the fox’s face. (animal, coyote, dog, fox, mammal, red, wild, animal, wilderness, wildlife, wolf, cute, character, foxy) …

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Fox Tail

Stylized modern design of a fox and tail. Abstract colored shape curves to form the shape/impression of the fox and tail. (animal, coyote, dog, fox, fur, mammal, orange, red, tail, …

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Modern geometrical design of an abstract fox, wolf or dog design. (modern, design, creative, fox, foxy, fur, leap, leaping, tail, red fox, animal, forest, wildlife, wolf, colourful, wolf, geometric, abstract, …

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The Red Fox

Beautiful design of a red fox with stylized leaves flowing around the fox. (fox, forest, grass, environment, dog, wolf, coyote, wild, wildlife, mammal, smart, tail, red, elegance, stylized, flowing, creative, …

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