Windy Fox Logo Sold

Soft flowing and airy lines create the impression of a running fox animal. The fox is designed with streaming lines, which create the feeling of the wind blowing as well as the running movement of a fast fox running through the lush forest. Leaf elements are naturally placed throughout the design to add a natural flair to this unique and elegant fox logo. (fox, jumping, mammal, coyote, tail, fur, carnivore, contour, abstract, wolf, creative, illustration, predator, hair, arctic, elegance, hunting, running, silhouette, nature, mascot, animal, stylized, beast, hunter, strength, face, wilderness, speed, style, beautiful, running, canine, wild, dog, husky, fast, wildlife, wind, windy, blowing, breeze, leaf, leaves, nature, natural, airy, soft)

Created: 12/04/2015