Winged Wolf Company Logo For Sale

Sophisticated golden winged howling wolf logo design. The image of the wolf is designed in a stylish line drawn style with the mythological wolf standing proud and strong. This logo has a high quality premium look that will command attention. (wolf, howl, howling, dog, design, wild, outline, coyote, solitude, griffin, illustration, strength, predator, outdoors, hunt, style, silhouette, nature, mascot, animal, wildlife, wolverine, winged, flying, unusual, fiction, bird, mystical, unique, magic, mythology, magical, malamute, juxtaposition, mythical, mythological, winged, wild, victory, husky, tattoo, creature, imaginary, angel, fantasy, creative, angelic, financial, gold, golden, regal, classy, luxury, elegant, sophisticated, law firm, legal, prestigious, stylized)

Created: 02/16/2016