The Tree of Life Goddess

Elegant, modern and sophisticated tree logo design. This design is inspired by the habbalistic tree of life by the Jewish mythical traditions called the “kabbalah”. We’ve created a unique, natural …

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Earth Project Conference

Whimsical and modern eco-friendly theme landscape with the sky, sun, mountain, land and water represented in an abstract and stylized form. Each earth element is naturally combined together to create …


Hamsa Birds

Hamsa hand logo design with the the two otter fingers of the hand designed to look like two beautiful birds. The birds are incorporated into the hand design to create …


Inner Self Wellness

Hamsa tree logo design featuring with a beautiful flourishing tree growing from within the symbolic hamsa hand. The tree elements are beautifying incorporated into the hand design to create a …

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Natural Elements

Natural and modern hand logo design with the hand created with the earth’s elements wind, water, earth, sun and fire. The earth elements are beautifully incorporated into the hand design …

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Fit Track Fitness

Modern, bright and abstract design of a running figure constructed from lines (run, runner, marathon, wellness, training, jogger, track, sport, outdoor, leisure, endurance, activity, sporty, race, workout, fit, active, well-being, …

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Unison Foundation

Bold, bright and modern logo design that consists of several abstract people figures that are connecting together to create a bursting star design. (healthcare, life coach, togetherness, sharing, wellness, figures, …