Maria Madden Studio Mandala

Beautiful, elegant, and feminine mandala logo design. This beautiful mandala-inspired logo is created with blooming flowers, buds, and leaf shapes that create this mandala shape logo. Customize with your business …


Wholistic Therapy

Beautiful, natural and intricately designed wholistic mandala lotus style logo design featuring a mandala lotus style design with natural leaves and a stylized eye designed within the middle of the …

Logo Sold

Yantra Healing

Intricate and detailed hand-drawn lotus mandala flower logo design that combines a striking and bold eye within the middle of the blooming lotus flower. The flower lotus design is created …

Logo Sold

Mandala Coffee

Unique mandala logo design that incorporates stylized coffee beans within the mandala design to create a distinctive and unique look. Contained within the center of the mandala is a monogram …


Rose Diamond

Unique diamond inspired shapes created to look like a rose flower. (flower, pedal, geometrical, rose, blossom, floral, petty, box, prism, jewel, pixels, hexagon, pink, tiles, interlocking, soft, modern, mosaic, wedding, …