Mandala Coffee Cafe Logo For Sale

Unique mandala logo design that incorporates stylized coffee beans within the mandala design to create a distinctive and unique look. Contained within the center of the mandala is a monogram letter used to represent the name and to add a personalized touch to the logo. Please note that the letter can be changed to match with your company name. (mandala, pattern, india, henna, design, tattoo, ornament, arabic, moroccan, art, motif, flower, asian, shape, round, hinduism, floral, graphic, abstract, lace, tiles, symbol, mehendi, sign, decoration, petal, culture, circle, symmetric, decor, spiritual, element, traditional, illustration, swirl, ornate, symmetry, meditation, textile, holistic, celtic, healing, ethnic, elegance, lotus, yoga, meditation, meditate, healer, life coach, life coaching, coaching, spa, retreat, travel, beauty, beautiful, oasis, tropical, Hawaii, balance, unity, soul, soulful, acupuncture, ancient, rustic, remedy, herbal, alternative medicine, botanical, garden, grow, restaurant, asian, Asia, empower, empowering, bean, seed, grain, organic, cafe, natural, agriculture, caffeine, coffee, brown, beverage, aroma, drink, line, element, design, sketch, coffee beans, food, mocha, cappuccino, monogram, letter, letter m, cafe, restaurant, barista, authentic, traditional, espresso, blend, artistic, artisan)

Created: 08/19/2016