Flamingo Crest

Feminine and elegant flamingo and sun crest logo design. Simple line and shapes create this pretty flamingo and sun logo. (flamingo, pink, pattern, beautiful, animal, beauty, bird, decoration, decorative, flamingos, …


Whistler Lodge

Peaceful serene, scenic logo design featuring a nighttime outdoor scene with a mountain, river and evergreen tree landscape. The colors in the design create a quiet and tranquil atmosphere. An …


Acquilina Eagle

Bold and strong golden winged eagle design with the eagle’s wing arching upward to create the impression of a golden sun with the feathers creating the sun rays. The deep …


Essence of Life Yoga

Vibrant, bold and holistic themed yoga studio fitness logo design that creatively combines the four elements of earth, wind, fire and water. The four natural elements are designed around a …


Shoal Lights

Whimsical seaside lighthouse logo design. The layers of the background and triangle shape are created with layers that represent the ocean waves in the foreground with the additional layers creating …

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Spring Valley Chiro

Whimsical, natural and fresh chiropractic logo design featuring a rolling hills, which are designed to represent a stylized curved spine. Water elements water waves are naturally incorporated into the lower …



Natural elegant and stylized beautiful woman’s figure with her arms designed to represent natural tree branches with blossoming leaves. The lady is coloured in rich orange shades to represent the …

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Luna Cafe

Whimsical and artistic moon and sun logo design. The stylized sun and moon are combined together to create a unique and magical design. (sun, moon, mystic, woodcut, eyes, sky, face, …

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Radiance Medical

Abstract, clean and modern sunshine logo design for sale. The design of the shinning sun is created with linear line segments that create the impression of this sun design. (sun, …