Luna Cafe Sun Moon Logo Sold

Whimsical and artistic moon and sun logo design. The stylized sun and moon are combined together to create a unique and magical design. (sun, moon, mystic, woodcut, eyes, sky, face, stylized, etching, anthropomorphic, day, symbol, symbolic, star, night, god, astronomy, goddess, astrology, drawing, illustration, folklore, intricate, mythological, planet, celestial, etched, antique, crescent, ancient, vintage, space, exotic, nose, cartoon, universe, stylized, whimsical, artistic, rays, shine, sunshine, sunny, luna, imagination, child-like, daydream, dream, sleep, man in the moon, midnight, sunrise, morning, daylight, star, twinkle, fairytale, character, swirl, nightcap)

Created: 02/19/2016