Aurora Logo Sold

Natural elegant and stylized beautiful woman’s figure with her arms designed to represent natural tree branches with blossoming leaves. The lady is coloured in rich orange shades to represent the a rising sun dawn. (tree, health, human, natural, spring, eco, arms, organic, life, leaf, ecology, abstract, season, modern, women, decorative, girl, ayurveda, design, growth, plant, trunk, herb, silhouette, branch, nature, botany, figure, slim, thin, slender, feminine, femininity, sexy, hair, figure, elegant, youthful, roots, strong, sunset, beach, stretching, sunlight, girl, free, yoga, outdoor, sun, dawn, golden, yellow, wellness, outstretched, people, female, woman, harmony, silhouette, exercise, confident, practice, arms, sunrise, stand, morning, fitness, lifestyle, healthy, young, enjoyment, tranquility, nature, well, happy, uplift, uplifted)

Created: 03/14/2016