Statuesque Goddesses

Two elegant winged women figures, designed in a sophisticated and luxurious style. The two angel woman figures create a mirror image of each other with their arms in an upward …

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Airborne Auto

Bold, masculine and strong lion face logo design. The face of the lion is created with two bold wings, which are seamlessly incorporated into the face of the lion to …


Gold Pier Law firm

Prestigious eagle logo design that’s combined with a column pedestal. The eagle is designed with opened spanned wings with the eagle’s body combined with the column to create a bold …


Loggerhead Fasteners

Industrial fasteners logo design of gear/fastener bolt created in an abstract style to look like a turtle. The spokes of the gear represent the turtle’s head, arms and tail. In …


Fasteners Solutions

Industrial fasteners logo design created with geometrical shapes that create an abstract design of a bolt/fastener. This bold logo design can also represent other industrial industries such as construction, fabrication, …

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Eagle Homes

Prestigious, upscale and modern design of a American Bald Eagle. Bold flowing shapes create this powerful logo with the four eagles positioned to form the impression of a house/home shape. …


Nova Abstract

Clean, modern 3D design of an obscured circular sphere shape with abstract design in the middle. (3d, abstract, business, icon, illusion, illustration, object, optical, shape, symbol, visual, ball, chrome, circle, …


Silver Moon

3D style design of an abstract moon design with a orbit or saturn ring encompassing the moon design. (moon, earth, orbit, sic-fi, scientific, discovery, travel, silver, metal, universe, 3D, space, …


Regal Lion Financial

Strong and elegant abstract logo design of a lion’s face & crown. (lion, crown, royal, mascot, leader, decoration, heraldic, beast, symbol, majestic, head, crest, male, knight, zodiac, horoscope, label, emblem, …

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