Aviation Winged Lion Face Logo For Sale

Bold, masculine and strong lion face logo design. The face of the lion is created with two bold wings, which are seamlessly incorporated into the face of the lion to create a unique and striking look. The lion logo is designed in a 3D silver color, which enhances the boldness of this lion face logo design, creating a very dramatic look. (face, cougar, head, panther, animal, lion, lynx, leopard, eyes, cat, tiger, cheetah, jaguar, silver, aggressive, mammal, carnivore, predator, wild, metal, puma, feline, hunter, emblem, grey, stare, metallic, silver, steel, heavy, race, power, engineering, mechanical, motor, speed, transportation, metal, iron, concept, engine, creativity, wing, industrial, stainless, machine, industry, auto, 3d, aviation, flight, airplane, soar)

Created: 10/28/2016