Loggerhead Turtle Fasteners Company Logo For Sale

Industrial fasteners logo design of gear/fastener bolt created in an abstract style to look like a turtle. The spokes of the gear represent the turtle’s head, arms and tail. In the center of the turtle’s shell is a side view of a flathead screw/bolt. This bold logo design can also represent other industrial industries such as construction, fabrication, tools, manufacturing and so much more. (bolt, head, screw, chrome, silver, rivet, shine, ironware, polished, technical, steel, heavy, hardware, iron, zinc, cap, symbol, circle, element, gray, grey, shape, fastener, fasten, round, shiny, industrial, metallic, objects, hexagon, stainless, clincher, part, fastening, repair, industry, unit, nut, construction, accessory, metal, solutions, construction, fabrication, tools, manufacturing, gear, toothed, building, production, technical, turn, engineering, mechanical, cog, spin, rotate, technology, wheel, mechanism, industrial, architecture, manufacturing, machine, factory, part, industry, cog-wheel, cogwheel, geometric, geometrical, bold, masculine, triangle, triangular, cube, box, square, turtle, tortoise, reptile, animal, wildlife)

Created: 10/02/2015