Eagle Column Law Firm Logo For Sale

Prestigious eagle logo design that’s combined with a column pedestal. The eagle is designed with opened spanned wings with the eagle’s body combined with the column to create a bold and official logo design. (eagle, wing, hawk, falcon, heraldic, head, bird, grey, silver, feather, national, heraldic, insignia, spread wings, shiny, predator, silhouette, force, simplicity, wildlife, crown, gold, queen, golden, king, emperor, leadership, award, wealth, palace, prince, royal, metal, royalty, medieval, jewelry, government, majestic, monarch, luxury, knight, class, insignia, emblem, authority, kingdom, column, roman, greek, style, stylized, classical, stone, sculpture, rome, carving, marble, culture, architectural, greece, law, legal, law firm, justice, lawyer, legality, attorney, civil, judgment, government, chamber, justice, court, jury, innocent, equal, judge, judicial, judiciary)

Created: 02/18/2016