Virch Robot

Modern and trendy robot logo design featuring a fun 3D three-dimensional style robot face. The robot’s eyes created with raised cube shapes in bold gradient colors. Antennas with colorful signals …

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Virch VR Virtual Reality

Bold, colourful and dynamic virtual reality VR game play themed logo design. The design features the front view of a VR headset that’s created in colourful, vivid swirling abstract line …


Ape Wave Music

Unique, modern and bold monkey ape logo design. The image and design of the ape is created with sound waves that form the impression of the ape’s head. The streaming …


Goodness Donuts

Unique, fun and bold donut themed logo design. This donut design and shape is created with a person’s OK hand gesture, with the thumb and pointer finger creating the round …


Sighted Surveys

Clean, simple and modern logo design of an abstractly rendered eye created with curving shapes and elements that create an abstract impression of an eye. (eye, icon, circle, abstract, shape, …

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Clean and modern logo design depicting a sonar radar concept with four connecting radar signals that are merged together to create a unique square geometric design. The design represents radio …


Birdy Tunes

Clean modern and cute logo design of a simple bird wearing a pair of music headphones with a wifi wireless signal transferring from the birds head. (radio, wireless, bird, wifi, …


Dendrite Research

Unique, sleek and modern dendrite brain stem tree logo design. The tree and branches are designed to look like a dendrite with branching figures and nerve endings that create the …

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Beacon Church

Church logo design featuring a stylized and elegant lighthouse design. The design features the upper portion of the lighthouse designed to look like beautiful church stained glass window with a …