Beacon Lighthouse Church Logo For Sale

Church logo design featuring a stylized and elegant lighthouse design. The design features the upper portion of the lighthouse designed to look like beautiful church stained glass window with a simple cross contained within the center of the window. (lighthouse, light, tower, beacon, hope, water, coast, nautical, travel, searchlight, projection, landmark, night, security, building, wave, beach, safety, design, blue, seascape, house, bay, tourism, seashore, vintage, sea, sailing, navigation, signal, beam, ocean, oceanic, window, church, glass, cross, cathedral, pray, wonder, christian, peace, worship, god, spiritual, jesus, faith, belief, religious,stained glass, crucifix, bible, decorative, catholic, blue, christ, baptism, holy, religion, antique, style, pattern, gothic, stained)

Created: 02/17/2016