Virch Robot Logo Sold

Modern and trendy robot logo design featuring a fun 3D three-dimensional style robot face. The robot’s eyes created with raised cube shapes in bold gradient colors. Antennas with colorful signals projecting outward represent the transmittal of data and information arrow the virtual world. This happy robot character logo design is perfect for a wide range of technology companies and brands. (robot, icon, bot, chatbot, chat, ai, cute, happy, smile, character, virtual, technology, tech, assistant, artificial, intelligence, communication, design, mobile, modern, smiling, trendy, modern, bold, talk, web, internet, computer, futuristic, creature, antenna, alien, VR, future, cartoon virtual reality, cube, 3D, three-dimensional cubic square gradient, purple, antenna, signal, transmit, soundwaves, robotic)

Created: 07/01/2020