Cactus And The Hare

Cute fun and unique rabbit animal logo design featuring a sweet, cute and stylized little bunny rabbit that’s designed to look like a bunny ear cactus plant. A beautiful bouquet …


Rabbit Reviews

Cute, fun bunny character logo design that features a cartoon mascot rabbit popping out of a speech bubble with sound waves from the rabbit’s mouth. The design is bold and …

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Cedar Care Vet

Unique veterinarian logo design featuring a curving stream or river that flows to create the impression of three animals, a dog, cat and a rabbit are hidden within the white …


Elite Pets

Cute illustrative happy and friendly husky dog with a heart symboled collar. A leaf crest design frames the dog’s head to create an elite emblem design. (pet, care, veterinarian, symbol, …


Rapid Solutions

Strong, stylized and energetic leaping blue rabbit to impart the idea of speed, agility and quickness of response time for any type of business or service. (rabbit, hare, mammal, tail, …


Blue Bunny

Simple creative logo design of a bunnies head and ears with rich blue shading to create depths. (animal, bunny, cartoon, Easter, rabbit, ears, cute, wildlife, fluffy) Created: 08/21/2011


Smart Rabbit

Cute friendly illustrative logo design of a unique rabbit character/mascot wearing glasses. (rabbit, animal, easter, kid, glasses, cute, pet, wear, cartoon, hare, bunny, creative, funny, child, happy, nerd, learning, smart, …

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Orchard Veterinary

This is modern and simple and friendly design that creatively incorporates a dog and cat and rabbit into one unified compact design. The cat, dog and rabbit are nested in …


Leap Rabbit

Stylized multi coloured leaping rabbit. (leap, leaping, jump, animal, rabbit, fast, creative, colour, media, speed, fun, running, learning, wild, design, bunny, hop, bold) Created: 02/06/2014