The Cactus And The Hare Bunny Rabbit Logo For Sale

Cute fun and unique rabbit animal logo design featuring a sweet, cute and stylized little bunny rabbit that’s designed to look like a bunny ear cactus plant. A beautiful bouquet of colorful flowers are arranged around the bunnies face to add a delicate and natural element to this unique bunny cactus logo design. (cactus, flower, cacti, floral, Mexican, desert, botany, green, peyote, cartoon, nature, plant, mascot, character, easter, youth, kids, kid, young, baby, children, nursery, boutique, spring, beautiful, decorative, unique, distinctive, modern, bunny, rabbit, hare, bunny ears, fluffy, fury, mammal, pet, animal, cactaceae, flora, blue cactus, botanical, chic, shabby-chic, bohemian, boho, prickly, soft, airy, pastel, thorns, thorny, cute, happy, smile, easter bunny, hand drawn)

Created: 03/21/2018