Pink Panda

Cute and adorable red cuddling up in a ball sleeping.  The red panda is designed in a simple and clean style with soft and natural colors to portray a natural …


Salt Sea Mermaid

This is a unique, abstract and modern mermaid logo design that features two abstractly created female mermaids. Each component of the mermaids are created with simple geometric shapes that represent …


Safari Dental Lion

Cute, colorful and whimsical little lion cub dental logo. The lion is designed in a modern and bright style with molar dental teeth shapes used to create the impression of …



Cute little baby hedgehog character logo design. This sweet little hedgehog animal is designed in an abstract style with bursting circles and stars creating the quills on the hedgehog’s body. …

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Gecko Art

Cute, bold and colorful gecko animal character logo design. The gecko is designed with a rainbow spectrum of the bright colors that curves around the gecko’s body to create a …

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Sweet Bee Popcorn

Unique and whimsical popcorn logo featuring a fun bee character with the body of the bee created with a popped corn kernel. Little popping kernels placed around the bee represent …


Kotori Bird

Whimsical, delicate and artistic flying bird logo designed with flowing streamers of bold colors and elements that create the formation of the bird’s body and wings. This sweet beautiful bird …


Amor Owl

Clean and modern line drawn cute little owl character with the body of the owlet designed in a heart shape. (owl, branch, bird, heart, charming, children, natural, wise, symbol, shape, …


Lulu & Ella

Cute and adorable fox and cat curled up and cuddling together. A little grey sleeping cat is tucked under the fox’s tail. The fox and cat are designed in a …

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