Cute Adorable Red Panda Illustration Logo For Sale

Cute and adorable red cuddling up in a ball sleeping.  The red panda is designed in a simple and clean style with soft and natural colors to portray a natural organic design. Pink blooming flowers and leaves are nested around the sleeping red panda. (animal, cuddling, fox, fur, nature, pink, sleeping, snuggling, wildlife, baby, mammal, eco, newborn, female, close-up, burrow, portrait, young,  furry, wild, nature, little, nose, eye, nature, hug, love, illustration, panda, red panda, cartoons, tail, kids, store, storefront, veterinary, vet, veterinarian, pet care, bloom, flowers, botanical, boutique, playful, fun, childlike, adorable, sleeping)

Created: 07/27/2021