Salt Water Sea Mermaid Logo For Sale

This is a unique, abstract and modern mermaid logo design that features two abstractly created female mermaids. Each component of the mermaids are created with simple geometric shapes that represent the mermaid’s hair, head, body and fin. A simple little pearl and shell design is placed in the middle of the two mermaids with flower elements to complete this quaint and beautiful mermaid logo. (mermaid, mermaids, swimming, mythology, female, woman, women, illustration, girl, mythical, mythological, marine, hair, sea, grace, fish, little, cartoon, ocean, tail, fin, character, siren, fashion, cute, smile, fantasy, lady, young, triton, flipper, beauty, lovely, beautiful, water, oceanic, sea, water, waves, bikini, sexy, youthful, arial, fantasy, underwater, fairy, fairytale, sitting, seashell, pearl, abstract, geometrical, geometric, boutique, cute, sweet, pretty)

Created: 07/14/2017