Safari Dental Tooth Lion Logo For Sale

Cute, colorful and whimsical little lion cub dental logo. The lion is designed in a modern and bright style with molar dental teeth shapes used to create the impression of the lion’s mane. The shape of the lion’s face is also designed to look like a tooth. This sweet and adorable lion animal logo would be excellent for a paediatric dental business for kids and young youth. (tooth, dental, kids, kid, child, health, toothbrush, hygiene, cartoon, mascot, illustration, clean, art, children, dental health, dental hygiene, young, baby, animal, cub, cute, little, adorable, cat, feline, happy, smile, mammal, wild, tooth, dentist, dentistry, paediatric, whimsical, modern, rainbow, colorful, bright, bold, safari, love, hearts)

Created: 02/17/2017