Fruit Blend

Various kinds of different fruits are arranged in a color motif pattern designed to create the impression of a takeaway drink beverage cup with a straw in the middle. The …

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Fruit Burst

Bursting abstract fruity logo created with colorful overlapping circles that create a motif pattern that presents various kinds of fruits that swirl and blend together. The design represents mixing and …

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Monkey Mix Cocktails

Bold, fun and unique monkey character with the face of the monkey created with various fruits. The smile is created with a slice of orange/lemon with the eyes represented by …

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Kiwi Love

Simple yet bold design of a kiwi fruit that’s designed in the shape of a heart to symbolize health, natural and goodness. (heart, kiwi, fruit, vegetarian, ripe, slice, natural, delicious, …

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Creamtastic Ice Cream

Beautiful stylized ice cream cone design. The cone is designed with delicate swirling lines that create the ice cream scoops. (ice, cream, icecream, cone, coop, gelato, summer, color, ice-cream, multicolor, …

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