Fruity Cup Blend Company Logo For Sale

Various kinds of different fruits are arranged in a color motif pattern designed to create the impression of a takeaway drink beverage cup with a straw in the middle. The design represents mixing and blending of fruits to create healthy fruit beverages. (fruit, summer, slice, apricot, banana, vegetarian, natural, milk, sweet, food, diet, organic, drink, yellow, mixing, yogurt, smoothie, breakfast, drinking, exploding, shake, illustration, healthy eating, dairy, bursting, vitamin, vitality, peach, swirl, juice, fresh, nutrition, food, milkshake, raw, leaf, fruity, spiral, flavour, flavor, cold press, orange, juice bar, beverage, mosaic, kiwi, motif, polka dots, circles, abstract, swirly, mixing, dessert, jelly, nutrition, nutritionist, supplement, raspberry, wave, cocktail, blackberry, health, burst, bursting, explosion, cup, sip, straw, blender)

Created: 03/28/2016