Fruity Monkey Company Logo For Sale

Bold, fun and unique monkey character with the face of the monkey created with various fruits. The smile is created with a slice of orange/lemon with the eyes represented by an apple and blueberry. The top of the monkeys head is transferred into a opened coconut with a straw and a cocktail umbrella to complete this fun monkey logo. (monkey, ears, mouth, ape, head, fruit, tropical, slice, brown, colorful, eyes, cute, illustration, primate, animal, wildlife, jungle, cartoon, smile, happy, chimp, zoo, mammal, comic, leaf, caricature, funny, playful, macaque, simian, safari, fresh, food, coconut, mango, beach, island, summer, kiwi, lime, meal, natural, delicious, tropical, seaside, diet, organic, yummy, wellness, bio, orange, vegetable, tasting, tasty, healthy, cuisine, fruity, assorted, exotic, vacation, vitamins, straw, juicing, smoothie, juice bar, fruity, juice blend)

Created: 02/25/2016