Fruit Burst Juice Bar Logo For Sale

Bursting abstract fruity logo created with colorful overlapping circles that create a motif pattern that presents various kinds of fruits that swirl and blend together. The design represents mixing and blending of fruits to create healthy fruit beverages. (fruit, summer, slice, apricot, banana, vegetarian, natural, milk, sweet, food, diet, organic, drink, yellow, mixing, yogurt, smoothie, breakfast, drinking, exploding, shake, illustration, healthy eating, dairy, bursting, vitamin, vitality, peach, swirl, juice, fresh, nutrition, food, milkshake, raw, leaf, fruity, spiral, flavour, flavor, cold press, orange, juice bar, beverage, mosaic, kiwi, motif, polka dots, circles, abstract, swirly, mixing, dessert, jelly, nutrition, nutritionist, supplement, raspberry, wave, cocktail, blackberry, health, burst, bursting, explosion, blender)

Created: 03/24/2016