Butterfly Charm Jewelry

Modern, elegant, and contemporary butterfly logo. Our design features beautifully stylized curving and looping wings with a swirl diamond design with a diamond charm in the center of the body …

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Floral Royal Crown – Non Exclusive Logo

Non-Exclusive Logo – The design features our hand-drawn elegant floral crown in faux copper foil texture to add a regal and sophisticated look. The crown is created with natural leaf …

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Relic Jewelry

Elegant stylized interpretation of an Egyptian Anubis dog. The dog’s neck collar is decorated with beautiful gems and jewels in modern blush pink. (Anubis, dog, Anubis jackal, jackal, afterworld, Egypt, …

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Crystal’s Healing

Mandala crystal logo design featuring a minimal line-art style design of a mandala with a simple crystal element represented in the middle of the design. (mandala, healing, holistic, natural, crystal, …

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Charm Beauty Boutique

Beautiful woman wearing a stylized crown. created with flowing lines to create this elegant woman logo, the woman is wearing a diamond necklace. (spa, salon, attractive, sculpture, goddess, women, lady, …

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Nizhoni Woman

Bold, unique and trendy bohemian style tribal woman featuring a unique image of a beautiful amazon woman with uniquely stylized hair and headdress. The trial woman’s face is decorated with …

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Royal Raccoon

Regal royal logo design of a stylized line drawn raccoon head and crown logo design. The design is created is clean and modern style using simple lines that create the …

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Emperor Crown

Sophisticated geometrical royal crown logo design. The crown design is created with bold angular geometric shapes and lines to create this elite and bold crown logo. (royal, logo, monogram, tiara, …

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Rhombus Jewelry

Elegant and abstract diamond jewelry logo design. Clean looping lines are used to create the impression of this sophisticated and luxurious sparking diamond logo. (diamond, design, jewelry, premium, quality, jewelry, …

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