Godess Tribal Bohemian Beauty Woman Logo For Sale

Bold, unique and trendy bohemian style tribal woman featuring a unique image of a beautiful amazon woman with uniquely stylized hair and headdress. The trial woman’s face is decorated with tribal face paint and her neck is adorn with a looping necklace neckpiece. The all black design creates a bold and dramatic look with the unique styling of the design and bold imagery, creates unique look. (high fashion, boho, bohemian, tribal, warrior, aboriginal, amazon, American, ancient, apache, art, attractive, beauty, body, ceremonial, Cherokee, costume, culture, ethnic, face, feathers, female, girl, hair, heritage, history, hunter, dian, indigenous, native, ornament, primitive, spirit, spirituality, tribe, wild, woman, jewellery, accessories, jewelry, headdress, style, young, princess, exotic, black, bold, dramatic, goddess, divine, African, warrior, jungle, unique)

Created: 08/01/2018