Regal Floral Royal Crown Faux Copper Non-Exclusive Logo For Sale LogoMood

Non-Exclusive Logo –

The design features our hand-drawn elegant floral crown in faux copper foil texture to add a regal and sophisticated look. The crown is created with natural leaf foliage and flowers to create the impression of a royal crown. (leaves, elegant, crown, natural, leaf, foliage, copper, faux metallic, royal, regal, empire, king, queen, flower, elegant, sophisticated, metal, metallic foil, victorian,  classical, heraldic, ornament, jewelry, crest, luxury, heraldry, decorations, decorative, classic, fleur, antique, vintage, style, royalty, flourish, classy, prince, wealth, majestic, emperor, hat, kingdom, medieval, imperial, elegance, ornate, ornamental, luxury, tiara, metal, golden, glamor, glamour)


Download: Logo Icon Only (if you purchase a logo with customizations, we will customize the logo with your business name)

Logo Size: 10″x10″ 300dpi

File Type: High resolution transparent .png for both print & web

This non-exclusive logo is for PERSONAL BUSINESS USE ONLY

Created: 12/17/2018