Fierce Fitness Lion

Bold and impactful white lion face logo designed in the shape of a shield. This fierce lion is holding a kettlebell in it’s mouth. Add your monogram to the front …


Lion Breeze Landscaping

Elegant and sophisticated lion face logo design featuring the front view of a lion’s face and mane. The Lion’s mane is blowing in the breeze with Stylized leaves flowing and …


Simply Yours Floral Crest

Elegant, natural and sophisticated floral flower crest design featuring a beautiful floral flower centrepiece with a leafy branches creating a circular crest style floral emblem design. (flower, circle, frame, round, …


Tropical Properties

Tropical themed realty real estate logo design that features a house designed with colorful palm tree leaves that beautifully create a bold design on the house imagery. A Simple sunrise …


Raelyn Realty

Coastal and ocean themed realty logo design featuring a ship’s anchor combined with the image of a house to create this modern and unique realty logo design. Soft subtle water …

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Calf n Half Milk

Clean, modern and contemporary design featuring a mother cow and a baby calf combined together to create this compact bold design. The cow and calf are created with sleek lines …


Spotter Cow

Funky, silly and modern cow mascot search logo that’s uniquely combined with a search pointer icon. The cow’s body is created with the search pointer shape. The bold and distinctive …

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Jersey Pine Dairy Cow

Unique hand drawn design of the front view of a cow’s face designed to look like wood grain, tree branches and natural leaves. The modern cow design incorporates the wood …

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Milk Company Farm

Natural, fun and whimsical blue cow logo. Stylized rendering of a cow is designed with whimsical and swirling cow prints to add uniqueness and style to this daily milk cow …