Raelyn Realty Ocean Properties Logo Sold

Coastal and ocean themed realty logo design featuring a ship’s anchor combined with the image of a house to create this modern and unique realty logo design. Soft subtle water ripples and reflections enhances the oceanic and coastal theme in the design. The company’s initials are incorporated into the design by placing them on each side of the anchor to create a compact and placed look. (design, minimalistic, clean, modern, creative, design, natural, water, teal, conservation, concept, sea, conceptual, environment, sea, ocean, water, anchor, maritime, boat, marine, nautical, navel, ship, travel, vessel, harbor, harbour, real, roof, home, construction, building, concept, graphic, design, housing, corporate, business, property, estate, realty, insignia, emblem monogram, initials, architecture, house, residential, house, real estate, estate, agent, properties, building, resident, city, window, windows, doors, roof, elegant, upscale, luxury, regal)

Created: 01/15/2018