White Lion Fitness Logo For Sale LogoMood.com

Bold and impactful white lion face logo designed in the shape of a shield. This fierce lion is holding a kettlebell in it’s mouth. Add your monogram to the front of the kettlebell. Perfect logo for fitness, gym, personal trainer, etc. (lion, white, eyes, animal, beast, fur, carnivore, male, Africa, magnificent, face, cat, wilderness, predator, hair, leo, zoo, wild, safari, wildlife, leader, rare, kitty, cat, majestic, ferocious, feline, intense, portrait, african, dangerous, king, beautiful, nature, crown, royal, noble, king, lion king, emblem, crest, insignia, hunting, pride, mascot, crest, fierce, fitness, kettlebell, gym, personal trainer, exercise, weight, Crossfit)

Created: 03/16/2021