Dolphin Cruise Line

Beautiful and elegant dolphin leaping out of the ocean waves. The dolphin and waves create a circular design that creates the impression of a luminous clear water bubble. Beautiful blue …


Willow Tree Scape

Beautifully stylized weeping willow tree blowing and moving gracefully in the wind. The willow tree branches cascade downward to create a natural flowing artistic movement with leafy buds growing from …

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Soul Tree Therapy

Unique faces tree logo design featuring a beautiful tree design with the side profile of three people’s heads incorporated into the top of the tree canopy. Colourful leaves burst from …

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Cascade Dental Care

Modern, unique and distinctive dental themed logo design featuring a molar dental tooth designed to look like a cascading waterfall that creates the tooth shape formation. Beautiful shapes of blue …


Wind Force Energy

Bold, modern and abstract re-newable wind energy logo design. The design incorporates four wind propellors that create a overlapping design with a lightning energy volt created within the middle of …


Rivulet Dental

Unique dental logo design that creatively incorporates a molar dental tooth into the this mountain, hillside and river landscape design. The mountain is designed to look like a stylized dental …


Spring Valley Chiro

Whimsical, natural and fresh chiropractic logo design featuring a rolling hills, which are designed to represent a stylized curved spine. Water elements water waves are naturally incorporated into the lower …


Green Apple Organics

Natural organic green apple logo design featuring a stylized natural green apple created with growing vines, leaves and foliage that create the apple shape. (green, food, fruit, organic, abstract, harvest, …



Vibrant and bright and energetic tree people tree logo featuring three stylized people figures that form the tree trunk with bursting tree leaves and colourful spirals creating the canopy of …

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