Green Woods

Tree and landscaping themed logo design featuring an abstract tree and landscape combination that are combined together in a diamond/square shape. Clean and simple lines are used to create the …


Aqua Pura Water

Simple and flowing dolphin logo design with the dolphin designed in a curved swimming shape. The curved shape of the dolphin’s tail creates a natural water drop within the middle …


Metro City Subway

Clean and modern cityscape and residential buildings created with overlapping colorful lines. The lines create the impression of the buildings, curve and overlapping each other below the city line to …

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Maple Valley Raccoon

Unique raccoon face creatively combined with a Canadian maple leaf to create the impression of a cute raccoon’s face. (racoon, raccoon, face, style, minimal, head, coon, portrait, trend, modern, creative, …


Generation Tree

Twisted bent tree with the tree branches creating the impression of four people figures. Colourful leaves burst from the tree branches with the extending roots anchoring into the earth. (tree, …


Point of View Coaching

Directional compass person figure as the center focus. The arms and legs of the person create the compass points. The design represent direction and guidance. (human, concept, happiness, symbol, parent, …

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Way Finder Foundation

Uplifting person figure as the center focus with bursting rays and colors that surround the person figure. The colorful rays represent success and accomplishments as well as sun rays and …

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Earth Project Conference

Whimsical and modern eco-friendly theme landscape with the sky, sun, mountain, land and water represented in an abstract and stylized form. Each earth element is naturally combined together to create …


Hamsa Birds

Hamsa hand logo design with the the two otter fingers of the hand designed to look like two beautiful birds. The birds are incorporated into the hand design to create …