Inner Self Wellness

Hamsa tree logo design featuring with a beautiful flourishing tree growing from within the symbolic hamsa hand. The tree elements are beautifying incorporated into the hand design to create a …

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Natural Elements

Natural and modern hand logo design with the hand created with the earth’s elements wind, water, earth, sun and fire. The earth elements are beautifully incorporated into the hand design …

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Harmony Foundation

Unity, strength and harmony are depicted in this unique and beautiful three person tree logo design. Three connecting people figures joined together to form the impression of the tree. Their …

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Seasons Gardens

Four leaves colored to represent the 4 seasons. The connecting steams of the leaves create a snowflake impression in the centre. (seasonal, season, autumn, cold, green, spring, leaf, summer, snowflake, …


Arbre Tree Bloom

Soft stokes are used to create this beautiful and elegant logo design of a blossoming tree. The lines/strokes swirl upward to form the tree branches with many colorful leaves growing. …


Feisty Tree

Bright, colorful patterns fill the stylish leaf shapes. These bright colorful leaves are placed throughout the design to create a burst of color and joyous appearance. (growth, tree, grow, life, …


Fruity Tree

Bold strong fruit bearing tree standing tall on top of the hill. Clouds are created within the white space of this logo. (growth, tree, grow, life, eco, green, leaf, environmental, …


Tree of Life

Soft swirling stokes are used to create this beautiful elegant logo design of a flourishing green tree. The lines/strokes swirl together to form the tree and leaf shapes. (growth, tree, …


Ambiance Tree

Bright colorful leaves flow together to create a beautiful flourishing tree. Colorful stylized leaves are placed in the center of the tree to symbolize growth, celebration and life. (growth, tree, …