Flamingo Crest

Feminine and elegant flamingo and sun crest logo design. Simple line and shapes create this pretty flamingo and sun logo. (flamingo, pink, pattern, beautiful, animal, beauty, bird, decoration, decorative, flamingos, …


Maria Madden Studio Mandala

Beautiful, elegant, and feminine mandala logo design. This beautiful mandala-inspired logo is created with blooming flowers, buds, and leaf shapes that create this mandala shape logo. Customize with your business …


Chromatic Wings

Beautifully interpretation of a wing. Flowing abstract shapes and colors create this stunning wing logo design. Bright rainbow color shades are incorporated into each of the wing feathers. This wing …


Blue Watercolor Dragonfly – Non Exclusive Logo

Non-Exclusive Logo – Beautiful watercolor painted blue and teal dragonfly illustration logo featuring our hand-painted watercolor dragonfly artwork. Rich shades of blue, teal, and aqua bleed together to create this artistic watercolor …

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Modern Peacock

Intricate details creates this beautiful front view of a peacock and its fanning feathers. The Peacock is designed to form the shape of a leaf. Floral leaf elements create the …

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True Beauty Butterfly

Unique beautiful butterfly woman logo design that incorporates a stylized female figures, to form the impression of an open winged butterfly. The Stylized female figure stands tall and confidant The …


Infinity Dragonfly

Modern & unique dragonfly logo design with the wing’s of the dragonfly created to look like overlapping infinity loops. The clean style and simple elements create a bold and distinctive …

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Flamingo Pastry

Pretty in pink floral and leaf flamingo. Simple leaf shapes create this pretty pink flamingo logo. (flamingo, pink, pattern, beautiful, animal, beauty, bird, decoration, decorative, flamingos, flower, floral, garden, tropical, …


Wholistic Therapy

Beautiful, natural and intricately designed wholistic mandala lotus style logo design featuring a mandala lotus style design with natural leaves and a stylized eye designed within the middle of the …

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