Modern Peacock Logo Sold

Intricate details creates this beautiful front view of a peacock and its fanning feathers. The Peacock is designed to form the shape of a leaf. Floral leaf elements create the peacock feather details.(peacock, animal, bird, pattern, lines, decoration, feather, element, drawing, exquisite, elegant, flaunting, design, art, wild, gorgeous, outline, liner, ornament, tattoo, abstract, detailed, sketch, nature, eye, graceful, peahen, feminine, beautiful, spa, girly, elegant, sophisticated, flowing, circular, leaves, feather, hearts, beauty, stunning, charming, graceful, gradient, classy, style, elegance, stylish, garden, bloom, leaf, natural, floral, flowers, blossom, bloom, beak, leaf, floral, decorative, modern, regal)

Created: 08/30/2019