Boho Yoga Wellness

Hipster, boho chic yoga inspired logo design featuring a stylized bold yoga posing imagery. The yoga figure is designed to represent a tree with an array of boho-themed styled colors, …


Asana Healing

Stylized, whimsical natural holistic themed logo design featuring a beautiful artistic illustration of stylized people figures cohesively designed together in a unified circular emblem design. The color palette is soft …


Tanits Healing

Modern, elegant and abstract logo design depicting the goddess Tanits, who represents the goddess of the moon. To capture the moon essence, we’ve created the goddesses figure’s head with a …

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Spring Valley Chiro

Whimsical, natural and fresh chiropractic logo design featuring a rolling hills, which are designed to represent a stylized curved spine. Water elements water waves are naturally incorporated into the lower …


Balanced Lifestyle

Beautiful flowing lines/ribbon flow together to create a simple elegant butterfly/figure. (figure, woman, people, person, slim, slimness, diet, life, dieting, gym, natural, vegan, wellness, prevention, fitness, balance, abstract, yoga, lifestyle, …

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River Stone Chiropractor

Two abstract stepping stones/holistic rocks create the canvas for the backdrop of a stylized spinal shape. (chiropractor, physiotherapist, therapist, physical, patient, spa, masseur, care, doctor, pressure, recovery, neck, medical, stretching, …


Transform Butterfly

Beautiful gentle butterfly, the centre of the butterfly is representative of a human spine. (butterfly, fly, soft, wing, bright, creative, free, insect, beauty, imagine, beautiful, pretty, animal, butterfly, wing, spine, …


Golden Lady butterfly

Beautiful powerful stylized lady figure with their hands Reaching outwards. Their hands are transformed into butterfly wings. (wing, flying, women, mystery, sparkle, mysterious, pose, magic, legend, mythology, people, person, female, …

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Holistic Yoga Healing

Yoga pose, with their hands reaching upwards to create a lotus flower petal design. (yoga, fit, fitness, pose, gym, sport, stretch, person, health, human, spirit, instructor, female, recreation, lady, figure, …