Asana natural Holistic Healing Logo For Sale

Stylized, whimsical natural holistic themed logo design featuring a beautiful artistic illustration of stylized people figures cohesively designed together in a unified circular emblem design. The color palette is soft and airy, portraying a relaxing and calm mood. Stylized natural leaf elements frame the logo in a compass-like design. (women, women, men, man, people, figures, girl, ladies, mystery, mysterious, pose, legend, mythology, imaginary, person, female, elegant, fantasy, illustration, youth, young, design, body, shape, imagination, beauty, ethereal, myth, beautiful, silhouette, thin, slender, acupuncture, wellness, holistic, natural, attractive, medical, stimulation, profession, Chinese, wellness, clinic, luxury, medicinal, treatment, traditional, medicine, therapy, rest, lifestyle, healthy, heal, care, center, body, needle, relax, acupuncturist, beauty, alternative, salon, spa, tranquil, uplift, uplifted, spiritual, rejuvenation, sophisticated, pastel, airy, soft, modern, boho, spine, chiro, chiropractic, chiropractor, therapy, leaf, leaves, healing, crests, circular, whimsical, vines, grow, sun, sun rays, sunshine, spiritual, family, group, luxury, classy, elegant, purple, watercolour)

Created: 02/22/2018