Boho Tree Yoga Wellness Center Logo For Sale

Hipster, boho chic yoga inspired logo design featuring a stylized bold yoga posing imagery. The yoga figure is designed to represent a tree with an array of boho-themed styled colors, arranged around the yoga balancing figure in a circle design pattern, representing the person’s aura. Simple chakra elements are placed on the figure’s body to represent psychic-energy center in the esoteric traditions. A boho style arrow is placed in the center of the text to further enhance the rustic, chic boho style of this yoga logo. (women, women, people, figures, girl, lady, pose, imaginary, person, female, elegant, illustration, youth, young, design, body, shape, imagination, beauty, ethereal, myth, beautiful, silhouette, thin, slender, acupuncture, wellness, holistic, natural, attractive, medical, stimulation, profession, Chinese, wellness, clinic, luxury, medicinal, treatment, traditional, medicine, therapy, rest, lifestyle, healthy, heal, care, center, body, needle, relax, acupuncturist, beauty, alternative, salon, spa, tranquil, uplift, uplifted, spiritual, rejuvenation, sophisticated, pastel, airy, soft, modern, boho, spine, chiro, chiropractic, chiropractor, therapy, leaf, leaves, healing, circular, whimsical, grow, sun, sun rays, sunshine, spiritual, luxury, classy, elegant, tree, flourish, balance, balanced, feather, fitness, exercise, active, wellbeing, stretch, meditate, meditation, tree pose, chic, vintage)

Created: 02/22/2018