Tanits Healing Logo Sold

Modern, elegant and abstract logo design depicting the goddess Tanits, who represents the goddess of the moon. To capture the moon essence, we’ve created the goddesses figure’s head with a simple crescent moon shape. The arm’s of the abstract goddess figure are created in a outstretched position to represent the blessing. The image of the goddess is designed within a circle with natural leaves and vines creating a beautiful natural frame and to represent a natural and organic appeal to this beautiful spiritual blessing logo. (taints, tanit, goddess, Phoenicians, lady, healer, arms, blessing, spiritual, yoga, fit, fitness, pose, stretch, person, health, human, spirit, female, lady, figure, energy, women, lifestyle, healthy, body, vitality, relax, beauty, physical, silhouette, exercise, meditation, relaxation, balance, healing, holistic, practice, chiropractor, chiropractic, holistic, balance, natural, spiritual, organic, zen, beauty, meditation, mediate, wellness, spa, pilates, elegant, luxury, empower, empowered, uplift, uplifted, vines, leaves, moon, stars, universe, blessing, trinity, crescent, wreath, lunar, people, triangle, symbol, abstract, modern, calm, elegant, peaceful, believe, belief, within, higher power, worship, believer, tranquillity, holy, religious, religion, tinnit, tannou, tangou)

Created: 02/16/2018