Holi’s Home Daycare

Whimsical, modern and fresh tree logo that uniquely combines two hands. The trunk of the tree is crated with an adult’s hand and a child’s hand, which are placed together …


Little Kangaroo

Cute nurturing mother and baby kangaroo logo design. The little baby kangaroo is nested within the mother’s polka dot pouch. (kangaroo, hop, animal, Australian, australia, baby, mammal, tail, wallaby, character, …

Logo Sold

Luna Cafe

Whimsical and artistic moon and sun logo design. The stylized sun and moon are combined together to create a unique and magical design. (sun, moon, mystic, woodcut, eyes, sky, face, …

Logo Sold

Animal Care Centre

Cute whimsical animal characters of a cat/ kitten and dog/ puppy. Stylized hearts, bone and paw print are added to tie in this logo design. (dog, cat, cartoon, cute, pet, …



This is Fun imaginative logo design. The body of the giraffe is designed in a circular shape. The spots on the giraffe are colored in bright fun colors. (Giraffe, spots, …


Pup Stuff

This is a fun design of a cute little dog/puppy wearing a crown and holding a ball in it’s mouth. Designed to resemble a cute little stuffed toy. (dog, breed, …