Holi's Home Daycare Logo For Sale

Whimsical, modern and fresh tree logo that uniquely combines two hands. The trunk of the tree is crated with an adult’s hand and a child’s hand, which are placed together to signify caring and nurturing. Leaf motif design encompasses the the hands to create this upbeat tree logo design. Simple icons are placed throughout the tree canopy to represent learning, achievements, and development. (tree, hands, hope, concept, human, earth, organic, green, gardening, garden, symbol, love, growth, agriculture, peace, finger, people, season, family, forest, leafs, branch, charity, community, pray, leaf, unity, teamwork, social, united, team, plant, together, trunk, plats, nature, landscape, save haven, accomplishments, star, goal, bright, achievements, success, home, house, door, learning, education, children, learn, teach, grow, student, reach, dreams, imagination, whimsical, tutor, tutoring, school, daycare, award, leaves, development, kid, child-like, transformation, child, foundation, hope, treehouse, book, read, organic, bright, colorful, modern, young, youth, adopt, adoption, inspire, inspirational, creative)

Created: 03/30/2016