The Little Kangaroo Kids Boutique Logo Sold

Cute nurturing mother and baby kangaroo logo design. The little baby kangaroo is nested within the mother’s polka dot pouch. (kangaroo, hop, animal, Australian, australia, baby, mammal, tail, wallaby, character, skippy, jump, positive, cute, family, young, wilderness, joy, mother, wild, marsupial, mascot, cartoon, happy, roo, characer, wildlife, polka dots, little, daycare, children, childish, child-like, motherly, hug, nursery, love, bond, comfort, protection, school, maternity, material, boutique, whimsical, fun, joyful, education, learning, babysitter, toddler, infant, blue, colorful, modern, caregiver, charity, special needs, not for profit, siblings, pocket, tender, hatch, mom, mommy, mamma)

Created: 03/06/2016