Ambrosia Honey Farm

Ornate and floral bumble bee logo design. The Bee is designed with flowing natural leaves and flowers that create an organic and natural look. (bee, honey, etching, insect, animal, fly, …


Humble Bumblebee – Non Exclusive Logo

Non-Exclusive Logo – Beautiful watercolor painted golden yellow flower and honey bee logo design featuring our hand-painted watercolor yellow blossoming flower, black and yellow honey bee hovering over the yellow flower …

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Bee Green

Ornate, decorative and detailed honey bumble bee logo design. The Bee is designed with flowing lopping lines. A heart shape is created within the honey bee. A stylish and modern …


Apis Skin Care

Ornate, detailed and intricate bumble bee logo design. The Bee is designed with flowing natural vines and leafs that create a organic and natural look. A monogram letter A is …


Sweet Bee

Detailed circular design containing a fancy and elegant line drawn honey bee with the lower portion of the bee deigned to look like a been hive. A fancy floral design …

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The Fancy Bug

Cute and sweet design of a stylish lady bug. (ladybug, spring, charms, childish, simple, cute, insect, friendly, nature, bug, fancy, polkadots, dots, animal) Created: 03/20/2012



This logo visually plays on the “beehive” concept by combining a bee and a hive together to create a unique logo design. The body of the bee is designed to …



Colorful interlocking spider web design. (bug, charlotte, Halloween, insect, pattern, spider, spiderweb, spinning, weave, weaving, web, website, social media, internet, www, connection, join, dotes, media, technology, telecommunication, network, pattern, design, …


Eco Bee

Bee design with the bee’s wings designed with natural leaf shapes to represent an eco-friendly concept. (fresh, healthy, honey, ingredient, liquid, natural, nutrition, organic, sticky, sweet, sweetener, taste, tasty, vitamin, …