Organic Honey Bee Green Ready Made Bee Logo For Sale

Ornate, decorative and detailed honey bumble bee logo design. The Bee is designed with flowing lopping lines. A heart shape is created within the honey bee. A stylish and modern crown is placed above the honey bee. Natural vines and leaves create an organic and natural look. (bee, honey, etching, insect, animal, fly, drawing, worker bee, stinger, engraved, pollen, illustration, sting, wing, artwork, bug, engraving, art, antique, vintage, nature, wildlife, antenna, beehive, hive, honeycomb, sweet, honey, dipper, drip, drop, natural, liquid, organic, healthy, sticky, fresh, food, syrup, skincare, soap, moisturizer, hydration, beauty, floral, girly, fancy, elegant, sophisticated, retro, detailed, stylish, whimsical, unique, dainty, nectar, pollen, hand drawn, sketch, victorian, summer, classical, spring, classic, decoration, ornament, fancy, green, green products, crown, royal, earth, laurel wreath)