Ambrosia Floral Organic Honey Bee Farm Logo For Sale

Ornate and floral bumble bee logo design. The Bee is designed with flowing natural leaves and flowers that create an organic and natural look. (bee, honey, etching, insect, animal, fly, drawing, worker bee, stinger, engraved, pollen, illustration, sting, wing, artwork, bug, engraving, art, antique, ancient, vintage, nature, entomology, wildlife, antenna, beehive, hive, honeycomb, sweet, honey, dipper, drip, drop, natural, liquid, organic, healthy, sticky, fresh, food, syrup, skincare, soap, moisturizer, hydration, beauty, floral, girly, fancy, elegant, sophisticated, retro, detailed, stylish, whimsical, unique, dainty, nectar, pollen, hand-drawn, sketch, victorian, summer, classical, spring, classic, decoration, ornament, fancy, flowers, ambrosia, honey farm, farm, honey)

Created: 01/04/2021