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Detailed circular design containing a fancy and elegant line drawn honey bee with the lower portion of the bee deigned to look like a been hive. A fancy floral design encompasses the top portion of the circle with a simple honeycomb pattern placed along the bottom to enhance the natural bee theme. (bee, honey, etching, insect, animal, fly, drawing, worker bee , stinger, engraved, pollen, illustration, sting, wing, artwork, bug, engraving, art, antique, ancient, vintage, nature, entomology, wildlife, antenna, beehive, hive, honeycomb, sweet, honey, dipper, drip, drop, natural, liquid, organic, yellow, healthy, sticky, dipping, golden, fresh, food, eating, syrup, skincare, soap, moisturizer, hydration, beauty, floral, girly, fancy, elegant, sophisticated, retro, detailed, stylish, whimsical, unique, dainty, nectar, pollen, hand drawn, sketch, victorian, summer, classical, spring, classic, decoration, ornament)

Created: 04/06/2016